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ZYCLE ZBike 2.0

ZYCLE ZBike 2.0

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The most advanced & connected indoor cycling bikes. Perfect for both cycling and fitness training, thanks to its reliable & accurate power estimation complete with integrated electronic gear shifting.

Very quiet

Its Poly-V Belt and advanced mechanical transmisión system make the ZBike one of the quietest indoor training cycles on the market.

Hybrid use

Ride your favourite routes or train with the some of the best indoor cycling sessions coached by some of the best instructors. The ZBike makes anything possible.

Quality information

The calibration accuracy provides the user with power data with a range of + or – 3%, complete with speed and cadence information in real time.

Pedaling sensations

By using a 14kg flywheel with a 450mm diameter, the user experiencesan incredible ‘feel’ & connection with the smartbike.


Resistance: Friction free magnetic braking system

Power: 850 W at 90 rpm / 1,500 W at 120 rpm

Communications: Wireless ANT+ and Bluetooth FTMS

Drivetrain: Completely silent poly-V belt

Q Factor: 188 mm

Weight: 50 kg. Compact & stable

Fly-wheel: 450mm diameter/14 kg weight

Firmware: Updated wirelessly via the App

Data readings: Power, cadence & speed in real-time

Assembly: One person. Super fast

User Size: Distance from saddle to pedals adjustable from 67 cm to 85 cm

Warranty: 2 years

Handlebars: Built-in buttons for electronic gear shifting

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