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TOGU Flow Perfect 2

TOGU Flow Perfect 2

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The TOGU Flow Perfect is basically suitable for all smart trainers that have a maximum width and length of 80 cm.

You train indoors – and feel like you're outdoors
Experience the unique Flow-Perfect – movements in 5 axes – feel the freedom of movement on your bike like in reality – enjoy an entirely new indoor cycling experience

More power on the pedal - Train your core with indoor cycling
With the Flow Perfect you perform balancing movements during indoor cycling - this is how you train your core muscles – have more power on the pedal

Improve smooth pedaling with indoor cycling
The TOGU Flow Perfect teaches you pedaling – it mirrors your style of pedaling  improved pedaling means more power

Extend your indoor cycling workouts
Premature fatigue due to the stiffness of the Smart Trainer is avoided – increase your performance and relieve your body at the same time – Train harder with less stress

Protect your body – improve your indoor cycling workouts
You and your bike will move like a unit – in 5 axes – smooth and with soft stops – because of the TOGU Air Buffer technology of TOGU – Accept only the effects of training that make you faster

Protect your bike – impacts on the frame of your bike are reduced
Pedaling generates forces that act on the frame of your bike - these are reduced by the special Air Buffer technology of TOGU

Increase your passion for indoor cycling
The TOGU Flow Perfect frees you from the stiffness of an indoor trainer – You will move with your bike in 5 axes – that’s real fun

Make your indoor cycling much more comfortable
Feel the freedom of movement on your bike - very similar to the road – No stress for you – Feel a completely new indoor cycling experience

Flow Perfect – 100% Made in Germany by TOGU
The indoor cycling platform Flow Perfect is 100% made in Germany by TOGU, the specialist for air-filled training equipment based in Prien at lake Chiemsee. TOGU - quality since 1956.

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